Heading Towards a Safe Future

Zosi Tech is a global provider of smart home devices and solutions, following the principle of "Security Made Easy." The company aims to create user-friendly smart devices and appliances that enrich your lifestyle, and develops innovative and progressive product lines, including WiFi/PoE IP cameras and NVRs, wireless security cameras, and surveillance systems.

About company
At Zosi Tech, we believe that security should be accessible to everyone. With 18 years of innovative experience, we offer solutions that make protecting your home and business simple and effective. Serving over 25 million users worldwide, our mission is to provide smart technologies for your peace of mind.

Our production
From wireless security systems to advanced surveillance cameras, our range of Zosi Tech products is designed to offer you not only technological advantage but also ease of use. Our solutions are tailored to various needs and budgets, providing quality security accessible to everyone.