We are a company at the forefront of innovation in robotics and STEM education. Our mission is to inspire and support the next generation of inventors, engineers, and programmers in their pursuit of knowledge and creativity.
What We Do?
We offer a wide range of innovative products and solutions aimed at educating and developing students of all ages and levels. Our products include:
Educational robots and kits from leading global manufacturers such as Makeblock and Matatalab.
Interactive educational platforms and programs developed in collaboration with ZR Educational Tech and AOSEED Digital Technology.
Video surveillance and security systems for educational institutions from Zosi Tech.
We offer not just robots, but comprehensive educational solutions that include training programs, courses, and educational materials for teachers and students.
Our Values:
  • Innovation
    We strive to be at the forefront of education and technology, constantly implementing new ideas and developments into our products.
  • Quality
    We take pride in our products and provide only the most reliable and high-quality robotic solutions for our customers.
  • Education
    We believe that education should be accessible and engaging for all. We help develop skills in students that will be valuable in the digital age.
Please feel free to contact us through any convenient means. We are always open to new ideas and will be happy to answer your questions:
E-mail: client@smart-generation.kz
Phone Number: +7 701 180 65 55