Laser Cutter/Engraver Makeblock XTOOL P2

3 900 000
A compact, multifunctional tool for creative projects of any scale.

Why P2 Education Solution?

Endless possibilities with hundreds of materials
Comprehensive protection for future STEM leaders
  • Closed Design
    Thanks to the closed design and light-proof cover, there is no need to worry about light leakage or smoke.
  • Fire Safety
    P2 is compatible with the xTool fire safety kit. It can detect flames, sound the alarm, and extinguish the fire, providing a safe working environment.
  • Emergency Stop Button
    The xTool P2 has a built-in emergency stop button for quick shutdown in case of an emergency.
  • Automatic Lock
    The machine cover automatically locks during processing. This feature makes it an extremely safe machine, especially for families with children or pets.
  • Multi-level Warning System
    The xTool has a multi-level warning system that ensures the proper operation of the machine, warning of motherboard and cooling system overheating, lack of cooling water, and other issues.
  • Excellent Smoke Removal System
    We know that indoor smoke ventilation issues can be complex, so here's a smoke extractor to create a cleaner environment for all young minds. Its advanced filtration system can effectively remove 99.7% of particles.
Mastering laser engraving from day one
Easily drag and drop images into place
The xTool P2 is equipped with two smart cameras with 16 MP resolution. Thanks to high-precision real-time preview and autofocus function, you can see the expected engraving results and the engraving process without the need to look inside the machine.
Automatic engraving on curved surfaces
The xTool P2 can automatically create 3D models of curved objects and adjust the focus distance automatically during processing, making the engraving result as perfect as on flat surfaces.
Intelligent batch engraving
The xTool P2 is capable of intelligently recognizing shapes via the camera, filling patterns on multiple objects, and engraving them in one batch.
Create on any device
Software ready for the classroom and free
From editing to processing, experience a seamless, efficient workflow with xTool Creative Space (XCS), whether you and your students are using a PC, iPad, or mobile device.