Create Anything You Want!
The X-MAKER 3D Printer, with its new 3D design application featuring elements of gamification and a user-friendly single-button printing function, significantly lowers the barriers in 3D design and printing, helping children and adults bring their creativity to life easier than ever before.
See how it works
Many creative models are available.
Simply browse through the ever-expanding catalog of creative models, find what you like, and press the print button.
A graphic and modular free application for 3D design for further creativity.
The best way to develop children's creative potential
Name: 3D Printer X-MAKER
Maximum Print Volume: 150150150mm
Model: V4.0
Nozzle Temperature: ≤260°C
Package Dimensions: 440440460mm
Bed Temperature: ≤110°C
Weight (Net): 10.9kg
Weight (Gross): 13.45kg
Control Panel: 3.5-inch Touch Screen
Connection: Wi-Fi / Flash Drive
Included Software: X-MAKER App / X-PRINT