History of the company
MakeBlock was founded in 2013 by a group of enthusiasts aiming to change the educational paradigm through technology. Since then, we have been steadily evolving, offering a wide range of products including robotics kits, electronic modules, and software that help students develop skills in programming, engineering, and creativity.

Learn through play with MakeBlock robots
Discover the world of robotics with MakeBlock! Our robots are not just tools for entertainment but also powerful learning instruments.
MakeBlock robots feature a versatile design that allows for the creation and programming of various types of robots, including vehicles, mechanical creatures, and more.
Ease of assembly and programming
The MakeBlock assembly and programming system is designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind, allowing kids and teachers to easily create and customize their robots without requiring special robotics skills.
Compatibility with educational programs
MakeBlock products are fully compatible with a variety of educational programs, including STEM education, making them an ideal choice for school courses and extracurricular robotics activities.
Environmentally friendly and safe
All materials used in the production of MakeBlock robots are environmentally friendly and safe for use by children, making them an ideal choice for educational purposes.
Inspire young minds at home and in school
Explore science and technology with MakeBlock robots in your school! Discover how our products help students develop programming skills and solve real-world problems.