Guider 3
Bigger, Lighter and More Worry-free
As a new generation of lightweight 3D printer, Guider 3 has characteristics such as larger print space ratio and convenient nozzle replacement. Equipped with the dual build plate options, quick-disassembly nozzle, HEPA 13 air filter, remote monitoring and other functions, it provides intelligent and convenient printing experience for education, small enterprises and individual users, making it a cost-effective choice for small batch production applications.
1 100 000
For Small Batch Production
The lightweight equipment and the powerful production management system ensure 24/7 stable and continuous printing during the production and development process, making it suitable for multi-scenario applications.
Power Loss Recovery System
It can save the printing state in the event of an unexpected power failure and continue printing after the power is restored.
Integrated Equipment Management System
Our FlashPrint 5 slicing software enables multi-machine joint control and integrated device management in small batch production.
Real-time Monitoring of the Printing Process
With the camera equipped, the printing process and status can be monitored in real time easily through FlashPrint 5 and UI interfaces.
Open Material System
The 320℃ high-temperature extruder is compatible with ABS / PLA / PC / PA / HIPS / ASA / PETG / PA-CF, etc., supports 3rd-party materials, suitable for various applications.
Main features
  • Lightweight&Compact Design

    (10% weight loss)

  • Excellent Printing Speed


  • Ease of Use
  • Stable printing 24 hours a day
Powerful Dual-platform System
Guider 3 offers two different platform options: glass platform and flexible steel plate platform. Thus, users can make personalized choices according to their needs when printing different filaments, which makes it suitable for diversified printing scenes.
Quick replacement within  30s; Uniform 110°C-heating over the whole format, offering better printing effects
Glass platform
The smooth and flat surface makes it easy to remove models with a shovel or scraper, saving time and efforts.
Flexible steel plate platform
The removable magnetic platform is easy to bend, which makes it easy to remove large models.
CoreXY Structure for Rapid Production
Guider 3 contributes to efficient workflow and responds to the rapid delivery demand of customized market; It adopts the smoother CoreXY motion structure, supports high-speed and low-noise printing, which saves the printing time, ensures stable printing, and brings efficient printing experience.
More Convenient Upgraded Leveling System

As the first step to start printing, leveling is crucial to the success and quality of printing. Guider 3 optimizes the auxiliary leveling and automatic leveling system to guarantee your leveling operation in all directions.

The adopted high-sensitivity and inductive proximity sensor detects and saves the initial flatness data of the horizontal platform, and intelligently compensates the platform height through Z-axis during the printing process to realize automatic leveling.