About DELI
Since 1981, Deli Group has been continuously developing and evolving universal supply solutions, while offering customers worldwide the most efficient and cost-effective products. Deli, the best partner.

The Deli Group manages 8 independent sub-brands, including Agnite, Nusign, and the recently joined JISHI brand, collectively covering 19 product categories, including stationery, office equipment, office furniture, sports goods, and tools.

Deli is a leader in various market niches.
Deli products
Deli offers a wide range of printers suitable for both small businesses and large corporate needs. Our printers are known for their high printing speed, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. Our range includes:

  • Laser printers for high-speed printing of large volumes.
  • Inkjet printers, ideal for printing high-quality photos.
  • Multifunction devices that combine printing, scanning, and copying functions.
Why Choose Deli?
Partnering with Deli brings a range of benefits to your business:
  • Access to the latest innovations in printing.
  • Personalized solutions and support at all stages - from equipment selection to maintenance.
  • Attractive terms for wholesale buyers and dealers.
  • Guarantee of quality and reliability from a global manufacturer.
For over 20 years, Deli has been actively engaged in the office sector, becoming a renowned leader in comprehensive solutions for various industries. Since 2015, Deli has significantly invested in research and development of laser and inkjet printers. Deli is the only company in China with the technology for manufacturing both laser and inkjet printers.
We are pleased to offer you products from Deli that will help improve the efficiency and quality of your printing. Join the ranks of satisfied customers worldwide!