Matatalab Coding Set

A beginner robot kit for children aged 4 to 9, teaching programming skills
No screens, no words
We reduce children's screen time by making programming blocks extremely simple, physical, and with directional symbols. There's no need for a screen or any literacy skills. Learning programming is as easy as playing with building blocks.
Learning through play
By controlling a robot car using programming algorithms, children learn fundamental programming concepts in an engaging way. Children receive instant feedback and quickly realize that programming is fun and straightforward.
Interdisciplinary learning
We seamlessly integrate programming into various subjects to promote literacy, mathematics, science, engineering, and any other subject through a project-based approach.
Three workbooks
The kit includes three workbooks and flashcards to help children learn step by step from simple to complex tasks.
Easy to play, fun to learn
Step 1: Create your game arena. Set up the starting point, goal, and background of your story.
Step 2: Plan the route and predict the movement for the Matata robot.
Step 3: Press the big button and observe if the Matata robot goes where you want.
Step 4: Check and debug if it's not going the right way. Problem-solving skills are developed.