Codey Rocky
120 000
CodeyRocky is a robot designed to teach children aged 6 and up the basics of programming and introduce them to artificial intelligence technologies.

Makeblock Codey Rocky is an educational robot specifically designed to teach children the basics of programming and develop their logical thinking. With ten built-in programmable modules and the mBlock software, this robot is capable of executing complex interaction algorithms with the environment using intelligent recognition features and machine learning technologies. During the learning process, children not only acquire programming skills but also gain experience in creating smart devices that automate tasks in the Internet of Things sphere.

To simplify the programming process, a visual environment called Scratch is used, which helps children compose correct command sequences by providing on-screen prompts and checking results in practice. Additionally, there is an option to edit the code in text mode, allowing children to quickly grasp the basic principles of programming in Python. The Makeblock Codey Rocky Education Version robot comes with educational video materials developed by STEM education specialists, making its study accessible and understandable even without adult assistance.