Adventurer 5M
Unleash Your Potential
The Adventurer 5M is the perfect assistant for beginners, helping bring ideas to life and unlock your potential.
290 000
Accelerated Printing
Boundless Idea
  • 600 mm/s
    Maximum speed
  • 20000 mm/s²
    Maximum acceleration
  • 32 mm³/s
    Filter supply
Great Assistant for Beginners
No need for installation or complex testing. You can quickly start even if you're a novice in 3D printing.
Automatic Leveling
An improved automatic leveling system can measure the nozzle height relative to the build plate, automatically compensating for any discrepancies effortlessly and ensuring a flawless first layer.
Quick-change Nozzle
Switch between printing modes with quick-change nozzles of different diameters (0.25/0.4/0.6/0.8), inspiring your originality.
PEI Build Plate
Flexible magnetic printing platform: 1 second eliminates warping and makes the bottom of the model smooth and delicate.
Various printing modes and materials. Allows for optimizing slicing process.
Easy printing. Tracking print status and managing the printer online.
Cloud management. Monitoring the printing process.
For enjoyable pastime
Filament runout reminder
Pauses printing when filament runs out and alerts to replace it.
Power loss recovery
Ensures seamless printing progress in case of power outage.
Fast filament
Adventurer 5M supports fast filament, allowing you to experience high-speed printing.
Integrated print management
FlashPrint 5 provides remote multi-device control, print classification management, and remote print status monitoring.
Displaying Printed Models