150 000
Playset for children aged 4 years and older. The toy develops logical thinking, teaches the basics of algorithms and programming without the use of computers and mobile devices.

mTiny by mTiny is an innovative kit designed for preschool-aged children, based on the concept of multiple intelligences. This set enriches children's practical experience through interactive physical programming, fostering logical thinking, as well as other intellectual domains, including creativity.

Featuring a wide handle controller and unique puzzle cards, this kit allows children to interact with the robot, complete tasks in the game, and develop logical thinking skills, providing an engaging experience. With everything included inside the box, no additional devices or accessories are required for play.

All components of the kit are made from safe and environmentally friendly materials, with rounded corners ensuring safety for young explorers. The kit includes not only the robot and controller but also various game components, such as special code cards and other exciting items. The robot and controller operate on built-in batteries, and a USB cable is provided for charging.