Set of mini-machines for woodworking ZR 4in1 for primary school students, grades 1-4, for a group of 20 students

The "4-in-1" mini-lathe set for elementary school students (grades 1-4) is specially designed universal children's lathes for woodworking. This set of lathes consists of 4 functions: a grinding machine, a mini jigsaw, a lathe, and a vertical drilling machine. The kit includes all the parts for 4 different mini-lathes. It is the best choice for schools to make models and other creative wooden crafts. The set includes 4 "4-in-1" lathes with a design that protects children from cuts and skin damage and will not harm them even if a student touches the saw blade. Using mini-lathes improves children's ability to use their hands and intellect, fostering their creative and innovative thinking. It is an ideal tool for elementary schools because the mini-lathe set for elementary school students (grades 1-4) "4-in-1" resembles large lathes. Thus, young carpenters can easily, safely, and in a playful way learn how industrial lathes actually work. This professional handcrafted equipment with a modular structure is easy to operate.


Power, W: 24

Drilling table size, mm: 90x90 mm

Spindle speed, rpm: 12000

Movement X/Y/Z, mm: Х: 0-35

Number of controlled axes: 1

Equipment: 4 machines included

Country of origin: China

Additional Information: Sandpaper panel: 32mm Slider stroke: 100mm Woodworking lathe center height: 30mm Input voltage/current/: DC 12V/2A/ Processing materials: hard