Set of machines for working on wood and metal ZR 3in1, for high school students, grades 10-11 (12), for a group of 20 students

A set of machines for working on wood and metal for high school students (grades 10-11 (12)) for a group of 20 students consists of the following mini-machines: 1. Miniature CNC lathe - uses an intelligent autonomous number system, it uses a new software and hardware architecture, stable and safe, equipped with manual operation mode, which can process soft, non-ferrous and precious metals. The main parts of the machine are all-metal structures. It uses a simple manual control mode. In manual mode, the system provides 3 movement modes: continuous, jog and remote, which makes manual control much more concise and convenient. 2. Miniature 4-axis CNC router - Most of the parts of the milling machine are made with metal structure, the multi-coordinate systems of the milling machine have memory function, a total of 9 working coordinate systems are available, and it can store the original information of the machine in each coordinate system. The LCD panel and 24-key buttons make the operation more intuitive and flexible, and the unique appearance allows it to be operated with one hand in manual mode. The processing speed can be adjusted by pressing the speed multiplier button to zero, and the speed multiplier value increases or decreases by 0.1 each time and ranges from 0.01 to 1. Equipped with an intelligent offline CNC system using new hardware and software architecture, stable and safe . It has a multilingual display that supports various languages, including Russian. It can process materials such as solid wood, acrylic, wax, non-ferrous and soft metals. 3. The 3-in-1 dedicated machine is one all-metal machine that combines three different functions. Compared to one machine, the machine


Power, W: 60

Equipment: 3 machines included

Country of origin: China

Additional Information: Specifications of wood and metal cutting machine set: 1. Miniature CNC lathe: Motor speed: 12000 rpm Input voltage/current/power: 12V constant